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September 16-18, 2020

3 Day Startup is a 100% online live learning-by-doing workshop where you will learn

entrepreneurial skills as a college student in a virtual environment, all from the comfort of your home.



3 Day Startup is free but you must apply to get in. 3DS is open to current Rosario students of all years, majors, and experience levels as well as students from specific partner universities. Admissions are rolling, so please apply ASAP to increase your chances of participating.

¿Que es 3DS?

The idea of 3 Day Startup is simple:

Start a company over the course of

three days in a virtual environment.

40 students with a wide range of backgrounds tune into a live feed where 3 Day Startup trained entrepreneurship educators work with you on startup ideas with the advise and support of local top-notch entrepreneurs and investors.

¿Que Hacemos en el 3DS?

What Happens at a 3DS Program?

Participants log into a Zoom feed – with or without startup ideas – and a facilitator leads the group through key entrepreneurship principles, dedicated brainstorming, and preliminary pitches/feedback. Participants cast their votes for the top pitches, then select which team they would be interested in working on. Then participants rest up in preparation for day 2.

3DS facilitators will announce teams. Teams work through their Lean Canvas, conduct customer discovery (teams exit the building or hit the phones and talk to potential customers), experience structured mentorship, and deliver intermediate pitches with feedback sessions. Day 2 places heavy emphasis on business model generation.

Continued execution (including pitch workshops) leading into final virtual pitches/demos to an esteemed panel of mentors and investors.

3 Day Startup in Numbers


Schools Across 6 Continents

Companies Launched

Million $ Raised by Alumni

¿Que es 3DS?

Learn how students, faculty/staff, and companies use 3 Day Startup for entrepreneurship and innovation.

We know many people with great ideas who fail to execute on them for a variety of reasons: lack of time or money, no access to the right people, or not enough confidence to make the plunge. We provide all of the resources to bring an idea to life with the help of 39 other highly skilled and motivated individuals.

3 Day Startup is a great way to get the community excited about entrepreneurship and to spend an intense weekend with creative people who want to actually bring an idea to life as opposed to sitting back and listening to YATAE (yet another talk about entrepreneurship). It’s also a social and business experiment to see how much a group of passionate people can accomplish over the course of 60 hours.

If you’d like to stay in touch and be notified of future programs, please connect with us via our contact page.

  • Be of age 50% 50%
  • Pursue a college degree, master’s or postgraduate 30% 30%
  • Having a business idea or an entrepreneurial spirit 40% 40%
  • Participation accept Bases 100% 100%

Do you think you fit the profile? Do not hesitate.




What does the weekend look like? You and your fellow students will start companies addressing complex problems we face in society over the course of three days. We invite approximately 40 students representing a wide range of backgrounds, departments, and disciplines. We give you everything you need from selecting an idea on day 1 to presenting a minimum viable product on day 3. By the end of the program, you should have the skills, motivation, and network to move forward with your idea, or have the knowledge to launch a different venture 10 years down the road!

If I participate, what do I get out of the weekend? The worst case scenario is that you will work with brilliant people from numerous disciplines toward the common goal of building real companies and products. Great connections happen at 3 Day Startup: cofounders meet, complimentary skill sets collide, and friends are made. The best case scenario is that you will be a cofounder of a wildly successful new startup.

I’m a student majoring in X. Should I even consider applying? Yes! Our past participants span from first years to PhD candidates with backgrounds from English to engineering. Everyone is welcomed and everyone is valued. If you are passionate or curious about startups or technology, a 3DS program gives you just the push you need. And you’ll have a lot of fun along the way!

What kind of ideas are allowed? All kinds of ideas are allowed. Companies in everything from chocolate, to stationary, to software have emerged from 3DS. Any idea can gain traction at a 3DS program and develop into an awesome startup. At the program, we will show you how to take your idea and make it both viable and scalable

How much does it cost to participate? Nothing! That’s right! $0. All the program will cost is your time, attention, and willingness to solve major problems.

What about food? We will have several breaks throughout the weekend to give you time to make some food for yourself (or order takeaway to support local Bogota restaurants).

What is your rate of success? First of all, You can check out some of the companies that have been started by 3 Day Startup Alumni here. Our primary success metrics are learning outcomes and companies launched. Per program, 3 Day Startup results in more successful startups than any other weekend entrepreneurship event. When we say startups, we mean the real thing: companies that are making money or taking investment. We have run 500+ programs in the US and internationally, and those have given rise to hundreds of companies that have received over $208 million in funding. 45 companies from 3DS have been accepted to accelerators such as Y Combinator, Tech Stars, 500 Startups, Capital Factory, and Dreamit Ventures. On average, most 3 Day Startup programs ––  in both mature and nascent university entrepreneurship ecosystems –– generate at least one successful startup. 

¿Que es 3DS?


We are honored to have the following mentors guide and critique teams during and after the weekend:

Daniel Sebastián Medina Parra

“Industrial Engineer with a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, passionate about entrepreneurship, founder of Sol de Verano swimwear, Air Beer Pub coffee bar and YoApoyoColombia.com. Work experience in entrepreneurship, innovation, identification, validation, formulation and implementation of business ideas. Knowledge in innovation methodologies”.

Angela Pulido

Business Administrator, Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Universidad del Rosario and Leadership from EADA Barcelona. With 10 years of experience in accompanying entrepreneurial projects. Jury of different competitions such as Ventures. Certified in accompaniment of franchises by the BID-FOMIN and Propaís. Co-founder of 2k30 a social enterprise for the promotion of cultural industries. Worked for the Entrepreneurship Center of the Universidad del Rosario as coordinator of the Pre-incubation Processes. Currently, she teaches at the General José María Córdova Military Officers School. She is a mentor for different programs such as Quibdó Emprende of the UNAD and AECID.

Massimo Manzoni

Massimo Manzoni, M.Sc. Arch, from Italy with more than three decades of experience in product innovation, management processes and entrepreneurship He has worked in multinationals and with his own ventures in several countries.

He starts in the area of Design Management, working in Europe, Asia, South and North America. As Design and Usability Manager he co-founded the Usability Lab and the Advanced Product Concept Unit within the Philips/Whirlpool Joint Venture. He has been co-founder and President of the Colombian Society of Ergonomics. He also executed the study for the definition of Plans and Strategies for the implementation of the Design Paraná Center in Curitiba, Brazil. 

University professor for more than two decades in undergraduate and graduate programs in Italy and Colombia, he was appointed Distinguished Professor by Del Rosario University in 2019. In Canada he has been co-organizer of the First Congress of Creative Economy in British Columbia.  Currently in Colombia he works with his company as a consultant training and evaluating in the development of innovation and entrepreneurship projects

Laura Maria García Gomez

Laura María García Gómez, graduated in Business Administration and International Business Administration from Universidad del Rosario. She did an undergraduate degree in “Global Sales and Marketing” at the University of Applied Sciences in Steyr, Austria. She worked at Alpina Productos Alimenticios managing the BPO contracts that complemented the core business. She is the founder and director of the Alive Organization since 2011 and since its inception works in the strategic planning of the company and the area of marketing, commercial and finance. Additionally, she is a workshop leader for youth and adults in leadership, soft skills and coaching. She has participated in several national entrepreneurship programs and therefore is an advisor in Management (Strategy and Leadership) and Management (Functional areas of the organization) at the strategic, tactical and operational levels of entrepreneurship.

Manuela Londoño

Administrator in Logistics and Production and International Business Administrator, student of Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at OBS University and University of Barcelona. With 4 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and 2 years of experience in the area of Innovation. Knowledge in Agile & Design Thinking methodologies. 

A curious mind and passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship.

Julián Pedrero Pardo

Social entrepreneur, traveler, in love with education. Passionate about living life to the fullest by connecting rural communities with students to generate local development from impact entrepreneurship.

Executive Director Outown Colombia

Impact on 4,500 young people from the best universities and schools in Colombia, generating in them reflections on impact entrepreneurship, connecting them with rural communities that are part of the chain

of tourism value, and in this way we reduce educational inequalities, leading educational programs in rural areas and sensitizing students to Local Development.

– Winner Startup Weekend Tourism Bogotá – 2014

– Winner Social Innovation Festival Cali (Tourism Challenge) – 2015

– Project Director for International Cooperation in Entrepreneurship – Indonesia 2016

– Guest RCN leaders – Educational program in Cundinamarca – 2017

– Conferences in young leaders in tourism Cotelco jóven – Bogotá 2017

– Guest Radionica, #CheverePensarEnVozAlta: Rural and community tourism – 2018


Julián Gutiérrez

Entrepreneur, psychologist graduated from the National University of Colombia, Master in Design and Management of Technological Projects from the International University of La Rioja in Spain, has extensive national and international experience in entrepreneurship and innovation. He has received training in social innovation in Finland and Brazil and processes of incubation, acceleration and technology management on the Canadian, Taiwanese and Czech models. He has been a consultant to different universities, governments, and national and international companies in different projects related to business innovation, social innovation, public innovation, design thinking, bottom of the pyramid entrepreneurship, technological entrepreneurship, as well as mentor of startups – scale-ups. He has also been a teacher and director of graduate work in both undergraduate and graduate in recognized institutions of higher education in Colombia. Julián has been for 9 years the National Coordinator of the University Entrepreneurship Network, a space that brings together more than 100 universities working for entrepreneurship in Colombia and Latin America.

Leader of the Entrepreneurship Program of the Universidad Piloto de Colombia UP Emprende. Member of the Research Group Entrepreneurship and Mipymes of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in the line of Networks and Entrepreneurship. Researcher of the Research Group GERL (Group of studies of Latin American relations) in the line of Innovation and Management of the Universidad Piloto de Colombia. Evaluator of calls for proposals of the Fondo Emprender 2012 – 2 and 2012 – 3. Evaluator of calls for proposals from Colciencias and the Ministry of ICT. Representative of the Colombian Association of Universities (ASCUN) before the National Network of Entrepreneurship (REN) of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. Member of the technical board of “Indicators in Entrepreneurship and Innovation” of the National Planning Department. Member of the table of creative and cultural economies of the Ministry of Culture.

Lilian Katherine Sanjuan Pabón

Entrepreneur,  Mentor with experience in the productive sector, Teacher of virtual and face-to-face higher education in areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity, disruptive business, value creation, high experience in creating Networking – Design Sprint – Lean Start up – Spin off – Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Social projection with impact on social responsibility, business management and related areas. Knowledge in virtual platforms such as Strategyzer, Seppo, Canvanyzer, Canvas, EPIC, Blackboard, moodle, marketing, new markets, business strategist and community manager, coaching in business expansion and SEO strategies, productive management in virtual public relations, creation of market management, e-commerce, brand positioning, optimal customer service management, CRM domain, experience in creating market ecosystems, research, experience in production and management of audiovisual products, content creation for web series in business, entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative industries. Affinity for writing articles, chapters and other academic production in research areas.

Joaquin Silva

Business administrator and specialist in design and development of products of the National University of Colombia and SBDC of the University of Texas. I am Founder and CEO of Buping – Prototipadora of Innovative Businesses where we accompany entrepreneurs and businessmen in the implementation of their businesses or actors in the ecosystem of innovation and business development nationally and internationally (Central and South America and the United States) in their programs and activities to promote entrepreneurship and business creation.
I have more than 9 years of experience in entrepreneurship management in incubators, accelerators, unions, ministries and government ministries such as Connect Bogotá, Ventures, Camacol, Socialab in addition to being an international volunteer and advisor to the United Nations and its UNDP program on entrepreneurship, innovation and business productivity. In addition, I am a university professor at the National University of Colombia in entrepreneurship, innovation and risk financing.


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